Friday, June 26, 2009

Himawari Baby Card Challenge

Okay, here goes...this is my first time ever doing something like this, so I hope I explain it well.
I, along with Cristina, artist of the Himawari Babies have decided to put on a card challenge. Very simple, just make a card using any Himawari Baby image, and then post to your blog, then send me the link. I will leave this challenge running until 7/21. After viewing all the cards, Cristina & I will chose a winner, also a few runner ups. (July 25) So get your card created & send, also all cards will be published on the Himawari Baby website under HoneyBee Gallery.
Prizes: First place~5 sheets of HB images of your choice, a Eco-green canvas bag with a HB image, and a T-shirt. (provided by Cristina) Also assorted craft supplies from Michael's (provided by me)
Runner Ups~Eco green canvas bag with HB image & a few craft supplies. Depend on the amount of entries, we may have more then one runner up.
If you have any questions please email me, or if you need a HB image & cannot purchase any at this time, I will supply you with a few to play with, send me an email.
So check out the Himawari Baby website, get creative & post your cards & send me the link!!
Thanks for playing & Good Luck.


Kim Y. said...

Sounds fun but I don't have any HBs.
Let me go check it out! I like to see others creations for inspiration. :)

Elena said...

I'm going to try this challenge. Thanks for the Himawari babies you sent me!!

jennyv said...

This sound fun to try out this challenge but I don't have any HB's images. They are so adorable and need to get my self some. Too bad it's not on digi it would be fun changing the size and coloring it yourself. See you on Sunday.


Jen said...

Yay!!! This should be fun, huh?!

Looking forward in seeing everyone's creations!!


Nannieflash said...

Oh hes gorgeous. love him to bits. With love and hugs Shirleyxxxx

Berenice said...

So nice challenge!
Here is my card
Thanks for the images, I really appreciate such kindness :)

Risa said...

Thanks for sharing the info. Denise. I will make a card this week and post it to my blog when finished.

visiZms 98% FACT...fiction? U decide. said...

YAY! i am so ureshii (happy) that all of you are excited for this challenge. Also thank you Bernice for being the FIRST entry! Can't wait to see all the others...i get so excited when I see all of your creations bee cause they are all so different...& it amazes me how you can use an HB character & CREATE...i LOVE IT! this will be a FUN CHALLENGE. good LUCK to all of you. xoxoxo himawari chan (cristina visi)

visiZms 98% FACT...fiction? U decide. said...


YOU'RE THE BOMB! thanks for setting up this CHALLENGE & promoting HIMAWARI
You're the BEST lil' designer bee a mama honeybee could ever want.

big hugs & kisses to you!
can't wait to see all the entries...!

xoxoxo cris

Gracie said...

Sounds like fun! Thanks Denise and Cristina for doing this challenge! =)

Angie said...

OH, I wanna play! I may be getting some from Jen (Young) so I'll come back and let you know!

joni h said...

OK, here goes! I'm sending you an email. I don't know how to link here. Thanks for the images & the challenge!

Enjoli said...

Hi Denise!!

Here is my card:

Thanks to you and Cristina for hosting this challenge! =)

Angie said...

Denise! I had SO MUCH FUN making this project. Thank you so much for sending me some images (Jen did too, I have another project in the works) and here is a link to my blog post with pics of it:

Linda said...

Hey Sis! I finally made my card for the HBCC - here is the link: See you soon! Hugs, Linda

Enjoli said...

Here is one last card!

Lollyblogster said...

Here's my card... hope I'm not too late..

Anonymous said...

I hope I'm not too late. My entries are at:

Good luck everyone!

Risa said...

Hi Denise,
I posted my cards early this morning. So sorry that I ran a little late but I made it:)
My card is here
Thanks for the challenge!

Jenny said...

Hi Denise! So sorry so late. Hope I made it on time. Well here's my card.