Monday, March 30, 2009

A Rak & BD invitations.

An Awesome RAK from Linda (LINANNA DESIGNS)
My GF asked me to help her make BD invitations for her daughter's 6th BD, she liked this Nancy Kubo design image because it looks like her DD. We also made those little Easter boxes to match the invite's, but I FORGOT to take a pic of them!!


Rita said...

Great RAK! I can't wait to see what you creat with these images!

Your invites came out so pretty, great job! She's lucky to have a great fun like you...your the best Denise!

Nannieflash said...

Im please to see youve been spoilt well done Linda, anyway the invites look great and Im sure they will go down a storm with all the girls. Your friend has had a real godsend in you making them. Well done love and hugs Shirleyx

Saskia said...

Ooooh.... the invitations are so pretty!! Just perfect for a 6-year-old girl!!

Lovely RAK!!

Enjoy crafting!!


Joy said...

these invites came out so cute! nancy kubo's girls are too cute! I have been MIA...but all your projects are so cute! you did a great tutorial too for those easter have been busy! keep up the good work!

Peggy said...

Lovely invitations !!!
Great RAK've been spoilt !!



Jodi said...

That's a great RAK! Those are very cute and sweet invites too!!

Jacilynn said...

Too Cute! I love that image also. Love the purples. What Island are you on? I've only been on Maui. Hope to go back some day SOON!
Have a great day!

Liann said...

wow a great RAK and those invites are too darling...

Jen said...

Too Cute, Denise!! I love the N Kubo n' M Terasawa images too!!! Great job!!


Alex said...

Awesome RAK!! How cool, can't wait to see what you come up with!! And, those invites are too too cute! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

Jennifer E. said...

Cute Invites! I love the simple designs--very good when mass producing! Thanks for following my blog, Welcome!

Islander Girl said...

I just love Nancy's graphics! I love seeing how you use them and how you coordinated everything! Turned out perfect!!! Can't wait to see what the boxes looks like!

As always thanks for always inspiring!

queenjolene99 said...

What a fun RAK! You are so lucky!
Can't wait to see all the goodies you create!!

Risa said...

Your cards are super cute Denise and the image is adorable!
Thanks for sharing your fantastic RAK and gifts...super awesome!

jennyv said...

Great Rak! Can't wait what you came up with. Have fun coloring those images.I finally bought those Nancy Kubo design images but haven't had the time to come up with something. Cute invitations, love the color combo.


Ann said...

Those invites are TOO cute!!!!

Rleen said...

Your invitations are lovely. The image and the color combo are pretty. Awesome job as always.
Wonderful RAK from Linda she's so sweet!


Maria said...

Wow, what an awesome RAK Denise. How nice of Linda to send you such fabulous goodies. Wow, lots of invites and all of them so darn cute. Love the purple color!!


Maureen said...

Those invites are totally adorable! I have that download and really need to actually create something with it!