Monday, March 23, 2009

RAKS & a VERY tiny version of the drink box holder

I have been seeing these cute little Easter boxes. Like the one that Teri (Big Ideas from a Little Girl) gave to me. (see below) It is made using the large box die, but I don't have that, so I used the tutorial for the drink box holder, and scaled it WAY DOWN. And this is what I came up with. So now to decorate & get the measurements together so that I can share with everyone.

A beautiful "file" drawer, filled with candy from Jodie (Hawaiian Angels) Thanks so much.

This is another RAK that I got from Arlene, (Precious Angels Creations). So sweet! My first Sarah Kay stamp.

And this cute Hello Kitty RAK is from my freind Linda that I met through Teri's classes & blog land.

And this wonderful Easter box & goodies is from the Teri, the Little girl with a very BIG heart!!
See the box she made with the box die cut, that is what I tried to make as seen as above.
Thank you all for these WONDERFUL RAKS. I LOVE them all, and appreciate & treasure your freindships.


Berenice said...

So cute Raks!

Joy said...

lovely RAKS...I need to get a move on those!

Linda said...

Girl, you are a genius for figuring out how to make that small drink box!!! Congratulations and keep up the great blog!


Good morning Denise, love the drink box holder you've made, your so clever!!! what gorgeous RAKs too but im not surprised your such a lovely generous lady. Have a great day Denise, hugs Linda x

Rleen said...

I love your drink box holder. I want to try this one looks awesome.
Wonderful RAKS!


Liann said...

I love all the RAKS you got. I need to get a move on with my Easter boxes also...have a great day

Enjoli said...

Super cute drink box! =) And super cute RAKs! You deserve all of them! =) Hope you have a great week.